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Partnership With Huntress Labs

We have partnered with Huntress Labs to provide another layer of security for your business. Let’s face it–in the fight against cybercriminals, antivirus tools are no longer enough. As hackers develop new ways of bypassing legacy systems, infiltrating environments, and deploying malicious software, small businesses need to adopt a more integrated and holistic approach to security. Huntress provides the added layer of security you need. Developed by former NSA cyberwarfare operators, Huntress combines powerful automated threat hunting technology with hands-on support from a team of security experts, identifying threats that would otherwise go unnoticed, and preventing bad actors from dwelling in your network.

The Huntress Labs agent is included in our Advanced Threat Management service plan option. Contact us today if you are interested in upgrading your threat management plan.

For more information on Huntress Labs, visit

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