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Terms of Service for Network Management Plan

Updated: June 3, 2023

We truly appreciate our customers and look forward to helping them today and for many years to come.  As with any relationship, we believe things work more smoothly when we agree on how business will be conducted.


1. Your network management plan includes a certain number of hours to be used for support and maintenance throughout the year. The current hourly rate that your management plan is based on is $100.00 per hour. Any additional hours needed before the annual renewal date will be billed at $100.00 per hour. There will be a ½ hour minimum charge for any on-site services provided (including travel time), and a ¼ hour minimum charge for any remote services provided. Service after normal business hours and on holidays is based on 1.5 the current rate. These rates are subject to change at any time with a 30-day notice to the client.

2. Our normal business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. ANY service that is provided outside of normal business hours, or on holidays, will be billed at the after-hours rate, with a 15 minute minimum charge. This includes phone, text, and email responses to provide support. If you call or message us after-hours, we will assume that you are requesting after-hours service. We cannot guarantee service availability outside of normal business hours

3. The price and number of included service labor hours for your network management plan is based on the number of systems in your network. In the event that the number of systems increases, your price may increase. In the event that the number of systems decreases, your price may decrease. We will inform you if your price is going to change based on these events.

4. All hardware is sold with a manufacturer’s warranty and all warranty-related service is the responsibility of the manufacturer.  When you purchase a product from us, we will attempt to have the product repaired by the manufacturer and there will not be a charge from us to handle the warranty claim.  Maranello Technology Management provides no additional warranty beyond that of the manufacturer.

5. We reserve the right to charge a $30.00 fee or 5% of the transaction amount (whichever is greater) on all returned checks and ACH transactions.

6. We may require an accepted quote, and payment for any hardware priced at $500.00 or above before it will be ordered or installed. Since most of the merchandise we sell is special-ordered as we sell it, merchandise may not be returned or refunded once it has been ordered.

7. Any invoices that are 30 days past due will be assessed at 1.5% interest charge per month.  Any services associated with a past due invoice will be suspended until payment is made.  A re-activation fee may apply for any services that were suspended due to late payment.

8. We are not in the business of forcing any client to pay for services that they do not want.  Therefore, any subscription services provided by us may be cancelled by the client at any time by completing a service cancellation form.  We reserve the right to cancel any subscription service with a 30-day notice to the client.  If we have installed a management controller unit at your location, we will recover that unit if your services are cancelled.  Any unused pre-paid labor that has already been paid for will be refunded to the client.  Any pre-paid labor that has been used but not yet paid for will be billed to the client.

9. We will not perform services for clients that currently have past due invoices.  This includes but is not limited to emergency services. No exceptions.

10. Our network management plans include remote access to your systems.  We will only access your workstations when you request that we do so, or after we get approval from you to do so.  If we are providing software update services for your business, we may access your workstations after-hours without notice in order to complete updates without interrupting your business.  We may access your servers and network equipment without notice if we receive a health monitoring alert or another issue arises that requires attention.

11. High-speed Internet (at least 50/5 Mbps) is required for us to be able to provide remote support and management.  If your Internet connection is slower than that, we may require that all work be performed onsite.

12. Cost of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fee, shall be borne by the client.

13. All merchandise remains the property of Maranello Technology Management until paid in full.

14. Maranello Technology Management shall not be bound by any terms or conditions printed on a purchase order, check, or correspondence from client without prior written acceptance of such terms.

15. Maranello Technology Management cannot guarantee the price or availability of items quoted past the expiration date of the quote.


Maranello Technology Management warrants to client that the material, analysis, data, programs, and services to be delivered or rendered under this Agreement will be of the kind and quality designated and will be performed by qualified personnel

Maranello Technology Management offers no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, as to system availability and functionality during any phase of its support services and makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the ability to resolve computer-related problems, to recover data, or to avoid losing data.

Maranello Technology Management makes no other warranties, whether written, oral or implied, including without limitation, warranty of fitness for purpose of merchantability.  In no event shall we be liable for special or consequential damages, either in contract or tort, whether or not the possibility of such damages has been disclosed to us in advance or could have been reasonably foreseen by us.


The enforcement of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.


We only send invoices by e-mail. Payments may be made by cash, check, credit card, or ACH draft.

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