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Our services will you minimize your technology problems and support costs

Our focus is to keep your IT systems operational, available, and secure so that you can focus on your business.

Before providing services to our new clients, we will need to do a complimentary network evalution of your business, so that we can offer the best services for your business. We will come to your business at a time that is convenient for you and do a thorough assessment of your network. After the assessment is complete, we will provide you with recommendations to improve the efficiency of your network and computer systems. We will also provide you with proposals for the service plan that best fits your needs.

Block-Hour Service Plan

With this service plan, we take your initial assessment results and recommend a certain number of hours that we think it will require to support your systems for one year. You will then purchase the number of recommended hours which will be used throughout the year to support your systems. You will have the option of purchasing additional hours if the initial amount of hours does not cover all of your needs. Each year, your network will be re-evaluated to determine the number of hours needed for the following year.

The following services are also included with our Block-Hour Plan:

Remote Assistance and Support

Allows us to securely connect to your system remotely in order to get you up and running faster.

Network Information Management

Secure storage of the information for your network (IP addresses, passwords, etc.) so that service is more efficient.

Discounted Labor Rate

Service will be provided at a discounted rate compared to our standard service rate to reduce your support costs.

We also offer the following management services that can be added to your service plan:

Malware Protection Software

The Internet is a minefield of rogue websites and viruses.  We provide malware protection software to keep your systems protected from these online threats.

System Health Monitoring

Our system health monitoring platform monitors your systems in real-time in order to detect issues so they can be quickly resolved before becoming a major issue.

Routine Maintenance

An important part of keeping a network healthy is routine maintenance, including software updates.  Our patch management system will keep your systems updated.

Network Security Management

We can provide and manage hardware to keep your network safe, as well as manage your data to make sure it isn’t being accessed by unauthorized users.

Backup Management

Backups are only good if they are completing successfully.  We can monitor and manage your backups to ensure that they are available if you should need them.

Network & WiFi Management

Our centralized network and WiFi management system allows us to monitor and maintain your network and make sure everyone stays connected.

Domain Services

Your company’s domain name is it’s home on the Internet.  We can manage your domain name registrations and DNS records to ensure that your website and email is always available.

Website Hosting

A website is the face of your business online.  Let us develop a website for your business that makes a good impression on your clients.  We can develop, maintain, and host your website.

Email Hosting

We can setup your business with Microsoft Exchange business-class email hosting using your domain.  All mailboxes include unlimited mailbox storage and spam filtering.

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