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Quote Policy

Updated: August 2, 2022

1. Due to the severe fluctuation of pricing on all products lately, our quotes are valid for 7 days from the date of the quote.  After 7 days, we may have to update the pricing of products on the quote.

2. A considerable amount of time is required to research products and solutions to fit the specific needs of a project, and to produce accurate quotes. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge a consulting fee (based on our standard hourly rates) for any project quotes that we are asked to provide multiple times, if a quote has already been provided in the past for the same project.   If a quote has been provided in the past and has expired, the quote has to be updated to current product models and pricing in order to provide a new accurate quote.

3. We reserve the right to charge a consulting fee for any large or abnormal projects that require a considerable amount of time to research and produce a quote for.

4. We will always let you know in advance if you will be charged a consulting fee for any quote that you request.

5. Labor quotes are only valid for the systems specified on that quote. If you choose to purchase a different system than the one specified on the quote, the labor quote may not be valid due to extra time required for a different system.

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